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Reaching Your Nutrition & Fitness Goals

Lifestyle Fitness is passionate about helping you reach your nutrition and fitness goals. We have different programs to fit your individual needs. We will work with you to determine the best solution and fit for being the best version of yourself.

One on One Training

Let us focus on you, and you alone. Our one-on-one training option allows you to really get the specialized attention you need and allows us to use the motivation that pushes you towards your goals. Our one on one training can be adjusted to fit around your schedule to make this the option that you’ve been looking for.

Group Training

Do you like the idea of having your own personal trainer but also want to include your friends? Our personal group training could be your best option. Grab a couple friends and start scheduling your own private group training sessions. This service allows you to work out with your friends while receiving some personal motivation and direction.

Transformation Challenge

Customized Workouts 6 Days a Week

The daily workouts are each customized for a specific focus each day. While the workouts are done at your own pace, our trainers will always be there to guide, correct, instruct and PUSH! We will always be here to hold you accountable.

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Nutritional Planning

Lifestyle Fitness firmly believes that all of the exercising in the world isn’t enough if you aren’t also focused on your nutrition. We offer services to help you plan out your nutrition needs and help hold you accountable to making your fitness goals become your reality.

Contact us today to let Lifestyle Fitness guide you during your fitness journey. Contact us today so we can start planning the best route there 913-839-2759 or fill out the form below.